How the pandemic was a catalyst for growth for LinkSafe

by Liv Croagh
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The way that we worked changed drastically when the pandemic hit. Businesses are still feeling the aftershocks of lockdowns, and industries are still experiencing staff shortages. However, Australia’s leading tech contractor management system LinkSafe experienced growth.

In early 2020, LinkSafe remodelled itself. The cloud-based contractor management system had to update in order to keep up with client demand. The quick change in gears saw the platform spike 33 percent in revenue while doubling the client-base.

LinkSafe’s CEO David Erczmann spoke about the company and how it kept up with the demand, as well as keeping safe the sensitive data of the clients.

“We needed to help bolster our client’s online abilities around contractor engagement, vaccine protocols and COVID Safe Plans. We couldn’t predict the complications of the pandemic. But we were lucky that our system was built with the foresight of handling unprecedented circumstances,” says Erczmann.

LinkSafe’s legal arm LinkSafe Legal was able to provide critical advise and assistance during the pandemic. It provided navigation through the new laws, requirements and differences in health directives. 

In 2012 LinkSafe had a client base of 10, it now oversees 545 clients with over 30 international businesses. The platform also saw inductions from 1,154,027 to 2,439,415 in the span between 2019 and 2022.

Similarly, contractor sign-ons increased from 474,632 in 2019 to 2,237,556 in 2022. LinkSafe platform users have also increased significantly since 2019 from 14,783 to 39,093. 

“We never lose sight of our client’s needs during their most challenging times and are constantly looking for new ways to provide much needed support across all aspects of contractor safety management. Being one of the only privately owned entities of our kind definitely plays in our favour as we were able to react to the challenges our clients were faced with during the height of the pandemic without being limited by corporate bureaucracy,” Erczmann says.

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