How to wear a backpack vacuum cleaner properly

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Tips for wearing a backpack vacuum cleaner properly.

Backpack vacuum cleaners are versatile and can improve worker productivity. However, according to Powr-Flite, to take advantage of all these benefits, it is important to know how to wear a backpack vacuum cleaner properly.
The company offers the following tips for wearing a backpack vacuum cleaner properly:

  • Slide your arms through the appropriate shoulder straps; if right-handed, grab the harness and pick up the backpack with your right hand. This allows for better control when lifting and can help reduce strain.
  • With the machine on your back, lift the vacuum so it is on or slightly above your hips before adjusting the strap around your waist. This is how you should wear the backpack.
  • If you are right-handed, leave the right shoulder strap slightly looser than the left; this will free up your right arm, making vacuuming easier to perform.
  • Be sure the shoulder straps are tight, but comfortable; if they are too loose, the machine will slide around on your back, making it uncomfortable to wear.
  • Avoid bending over while wearing the backpack. With some machines, tools and attachments are designed to be worn on a belt within easy reach, so no bending or stooping is necessary.

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