HVAC&R enters PRIME time

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The Australian heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC&R) industry has appointed a steering council and elected a chair to oversee PRIME – a new body that aims to create a united front in the push towards a low-emissions future.

A.G. Coombs strategic development director Bryon Price will chair PRIME, which stands for the five pathways to transition to low-emission practices and technologies: professionalism, regulation, information, measurement, and emission abatement.

“As an industry, we long ago realised we have a duty to act towards reducing our carbon emissions,” Price says. “And it’s something I know I’m not alone in being passionate about.

“In my 30-odd years in the industry I’ve never encountered the kind of optimism and cooperation I’ve seen towards the PRIME initiative, from all parts of the HVAC&R industry. The opportunity is there; the challenge is in how we go forward. And it’s not simply a challenge, it’s a responsibility.”

The 14 industry representatives making up the steering committee are: Byron Price, John Anderson from Engineers Australia; Michael Bennett from Refrigerants Reclaim Australia; Ross Bradshaw from the Australian Refrigeration Association; Simon Bradwell from FMA ANZ; Sam Czczelis, from the RWTA, David Greig from the MPMSSAA; Larry Moore from NECA; Noel Munkman, from E-Oz Energy Skills Australia; Sumit Oberoi from AMCA; Kevin O’Shea from RACCA; Bob Paton from MSA, Greg Picker from Refrigerants Australia, and AIRAH CEO Phil Wilkinson.

Price, Oberoi, Bennett, Picker, Munkman, Greig and Wilkinson were nominated onto the PRIME Executive Group, along with AIRAH COO Neil Cox and Tim Edwards from the ARA, and endorsed by the council. The Executive Group will meet every two to three weeks to discuss the scope of work around PRIME, including communications, funding, action plans and benchmarking.

AIRAH was requested to hold the secretariat for the PRIME Steering Council for the first 12 months. The official launch will take place at ARBS 2014.

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