Hydromist 13 Pro-Spotter

by FM Media
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Truvox International has introduced the Hydromist 13 Pro-Spotter to its range of carpet cleaners. This lightweight, compact and manoeuvrable carpet and upholstery spray extractor is designed for use in facilities such as small pubs and clubs, hotels, offices, care homes, schools, colleges and universities.

Available from Alphaclean, its features and benefits include:

  • 13-litre capacity
  • Two-stage vacuum motor with 89 inches of water lift
  • Expandable vacuum and solution hose that reaches up to 3 meters and can be stored in the machine base
  • 76mm upholstery tool helps clean soft furnishings, upholstery, small fabric pieces and deals with general spotting

“The Hydromist 13 Pro-Spotter is an easy to use and compact machine that can be used in a number of facilities,” said John Parker, director of marketing for Alphaclean. “It is ideal for touch-ups, spot removal between scheduled full carpet cleans, and for cleaning smaller areas of carpeting.”

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