HydroTap G5 technology designed for the busy workplace

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Enjoy pure-tasting boiling, chilled and sparkling water flowing from the simplest of touches with the Zip HydroTap. Powered by the new G5 technology, the Zip HydroTap has more personalised settings and features SteriTouch for enhanced hygiene.

Introducing new HydroTap G5 technology

Leading the way in performance, Zip’s fifth generation G5 technology continues to deliver the convenience you would expect from a HydroTap. Powered by our smartest command centre yet, HydroTap G5 keeps up with the demands of a busy workplace.

Sleek design and slick function

HydroTap is available in 10 tap styles and seven ultra-modern designer finishes, including the new Classic Plus. With simple, intuitive controls including continuous flow to fill bottles, HydroTap Classic Plus offers instant hydration and convenience to every kitchen.

Zip Matte Black

Smart and sustainable

Create your preferred settings with a few touches using the optimised new menu in the HydroTap G5 command centre. Select energy modes and usage settings for easier customisation. With easy to change high quality filters and a national service fleet for maintenance and support, a Zip HydroTap supports sustainability in any kitchen environment.

Setting the hygiene standard

SteriTouch antimicrobial protection is also impregnated within key water surfaces as well as on the new Classic Plus touch-pad for enhanced hygiene.

Zi Bright Chrome

Pure-tasting water every time

At Zip Water, we put water quality at the heart of our offering. Zip MicroPurity uses the latest filtration technology to filter and reduce impurities and potentially harmful contaminants larger than 0.2 micron in size – an impurity that will fit 250 times into a strand of hair.

Touch-free activation available with HydroTap

Zip Water offers a contactless option to help reduce shared touch points in the kitchen and create a safer workplace. Zip HydroTap Touch-Free Wave uses infrared smart sensors to create 100 percent touch-free solution that instantly dispenses drinking water with a simple wave of a hand.

Declutter your kitchen design by removing kettles from bench tops and eliminating the need for refrigerated bottles or deliveries of water cooler bottles. There is a Zip HydroTap for every commercial project.

Choose the new Zip HydroTap with G5 technology today.

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