Hygiene expert, Dettol, lifts the lid on how its bespoke protocols can be implemented at landmark national events like 2022 Commonwealth Games

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More than a million spectators attended the 2022 Commonwealth Games. As the Games’ Official Hygiene Partner, Reckitt’s b2b program Dettol Pro Solutions set out to develop bespoke hygiene protocols to help protect the large number of attendees, athletes and volunteers from all over the world. After two years of lockdowns and restrictions, the latest research from Reckitt indicates that 74 percent of Australian consumers remain concerned about the spread of germs. Knowing this, Dettol Pro Solutions has lifted the lid on how its hygiene protocols implemented at the Games were key to helping maintain a hygienic environment for athletes and spectators over the 12-day event.

 More people, organisations and businesses have a new-found appreciation of why hygiene is important – not just as a business habit, but as an essential proactive measure to help protect employees and customers from germs.

Surface hygiene when and where it matters

Dettol Pro Solutions’ hygiene approach is based on the science of Targeted Hygiene, which refers to the practice of putting into place hygiene surface and hand hygiene interventions when and where they are most needed.

Dettol Pro Solutions’ protocols for disinfection have been developed with this science in mind. The Reckitt risk assessment considers the use of the space, number of people and the science about what surfaces have been shown, through research to become a potential place where germs can harbour. Research has shown that from one contaminated high touch surface, such as a door handle, viruses can spread to 14 or more people. Using techniques such as Targeted Hygiene helps ensure hygiene surface and hand hygiene interventions are applied when and where they are most needed.

Handwashing at its finest

Personal hygiene also plays a key role in helping to prevent the spread of germs. According to Reckitt research from June 2021, 55 percent of Australians said that they washed or sanitised their hands more frequently compared to a year ago. Yet one in three (36 percent) said the frequency of hand washing or sanitising remained the same with eight per cent declaring they were doing it less. Understanding these facts, Dettol Pro Solutions’ team of experts used a number of elements to determine the placement of 2800 Dettol hand sanitiser dispensers, alongside the distribution of hygiene kits for all volunteers, staff and attendees over the duration of the Games.

Educational and hygiene messages come out on top

Along with the installation and distribution of dispensers and hand sanitisers, partnering with Dettol Pro Solutions means businesses will also have access to Reckitt’s team of experts alongside science-backed measures, hygiene training, hygiene kits and hygiene messages backed by behavioural science. One way these measures were brought to life at the 2022 Commonwealth Games was through a suite of creative assets, with clear, simple and entertaining messaging. We placed thousands of stickers, in the shape of hands, with messages such as ‘Winners Wash Their Hands Before They Return To The Stands’ and, ‘Cleanliness Is Next To Sportiness, Wash Your Hands,’ prompting attendees to wash their hands. We stuck them on the back of cubicle doors to encourage good hand hygiene at a critical moment.

Cleaning smarter, not harder

Reducing the amount of product used in a space is key to cleaning smarter not just harder, leaning into dedicated and bespoke hygiene protocols and strategies. By having a streamlined approach to cleaning, with identified hotspots and timings, staff are able to use product more effectively, focusing on disinfection when and where it will make the most impact. Timing and frequency of disinfection is key, noting that high traffic areas require more frequent attention than lesser used parts of a space.

The 2022 Commonwealth Games celebrated human achievement, perseverance, and dedication; attributes that Reckitt champions in its purpose to protect, heal and nurture in the relentless pursuit of a cleaner, healthier world.

Stuart Bainbridge is the Global R&D Director, New Growth Platforms.

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