Improved threat detection and forensics

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Updated digital closed-circuit television surveillance system “one of the most dynamic and user-friendly systems” MONA’s security officer has seen.

Ken Yildiran, security officer for the Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart, Tasmania, states that the updated version of Honeywell’s digital closed-circuit television surveillance system is one of the most dynamic, user-friendly systems he has seen. He explains that analysis and reporting that would normally take four to five hours is now measured in minutes, allowing operators to focus on other critical duties.
Honeywell’s latest release, DVM R500, features a redesigned user interface, smart diagnostics and forensic search capabilities, and improved integration with access control and other security technologies. The updated design enables intuitive, agile navigation, reducing security event response times, as well as training costs.
Smart diagnostics modules analyse system operations to help security operators quickly process activity reports, run system diagnostics, and check system performance and status. New recording and playback capabilities can also help security personnel quickly pinpoint potential threats and react. By providing various, time-coordinated views, the same tools can reduce forensic investigation time after an event. In addition, DVM R500 helps decrease life cycle costs by leveraging global open security standards to enhance system interoperability.

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