Increased security risk from unprotected mobile devices

by FM Media
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Smartphones and tablets will probably be an increased target for cyber criminals in 2014, with more than a quarter of respondents to a global antivirus survey saying they have no protection on these devices.

“Protection of endpoints is critical, for both laptops and smartphones,” said Andreas Clementi, CEO of Austria-based AV-Comparatives, an antivirus testing group. “There were reports that some users at the Winter Olympics in Sochi have found their devices being attacked the instant they turned them on.”

The company’s fifth annual Anti-Virus Survey Report also found that Europe, North America and Central/South America were similar in terms of which products they used, with Avast at the top of the list. Also in the top five in these regions were ESET and Kaspersky. Qihoo 360 was the top product in Asia.

Europe, North America and Central/South America were similar in terms of which products they used on smartphones, with Avast again topping the list.

Respondents said that the three most important aspects of a security product were:

  • Low impact on system performance;
  • Good detection rate; and
  • Good malware removal and cleaning capabilities.

Google Chrome overtook Mozilla Firefox as the most popular web browser, beating it with a 41 percent market share against 32 percent.

Interestingly, only 19 percent of respondents said that ‘respecting my privacy’ was important.

“We found that just over half of all respondents pay for their endpoint security solution, and less than three percent use no solution,” Clementi said “Respondents using a free solution don’t necessarily receive inferior protection. A number of the reports we issued in 2013 demonstrated that free solutions outperformed a number of paid solutions.”


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