Evolve FM achieves milestone for Australian facility management

by Helena Morgan
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JLL and PSGH’s partnership with Evolve FM has assisted in the company becoming Australia’s first Indigenous-owned end-to-end property management service business. 

Since JLL joined forces with PSGH in 2015, the global real estate company has readily embraced working with Evolve FM to facilitate employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians.  

JLL and PSGH envisaged the now fully Indigenous owned company securing autonomy and operating without dependence on JLL – a goal that has led to the sale of JLL’s 49 percent shareholding and subsequently made Evolve FM the first 100 percent Indigenous-owned facility management company in Australia.

The company was founded by cousins Tony Rugless and Shane Jacobs in a pursuit to facilitate social initiatives that incited lasting change for First Nations communities. Evolve FM prides itself on the fact that every dollar the company allocates to Indigenous businesses results in $4.41 of economic and social value for the Indigenous community. 

Additionally, 40 to 60 percent of Evolve FM’s dealings are with First Nations businesses. Evolve FM practices equality of opportunity and representation at every level with women comprising 58 percent of staff and half of the senior executive team.  

Commitment to inclusion and diversity 

This milestone will see Evolve FM venture into new markets and excel in its priority to employ Indigenous talent. JLL head of work dynamics Nathan Taylor underscores the company’s commitment to meaningfully championing diversity. 

“We congratulate Evolve FM on becoming the first 100 percent Indigenous-owned facility management company and look forward to their continued success,” says Taylor. 

PSGH CEO Troy Rugless applauds JLL and PSGH for accomplishing a long-term goal and enabling Evolve FM to shine as one of the most respected facility management providers in Australia. 

“JLL and PSGH set out to grow Evolve FM and enhance the capacity and capability of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses,” says Rugless. 

“Evolve FM will be the first Indigenous FM company able to compete on a level playing field with international organisations.”

Last year’s Indigenous leadership summit

Imagery supplied by Evolve FM.

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