Infrastructure Sustainability rating scheme launched

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Australia’s first national Infrastructure Sustainability rating scheme has been launched.

The Hon Anthony Albanese, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, has launched Australia’s first national Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating scheme. The scheme, which was developed by the Australian Green Infrastructure Council (AGIC), has been designed to drive innovation, contribute to risk reduction and validate industry achievements through independent certification.
The scheme is comprised of the IS rating tool, a formal assessment process, rating certification and education program.
“It has been four years in development and is designed to continuously improve environmental, social and economic outcomes across the design, construction and operational phases of infrastructure projects and assets,” David Singleton, chairman of AGIC, states.
Infrastructure types that are covered by the scheme include transport, water and wastewater, energy and communication. Projects and assets will be rated on a 100-point scale. An IS rating in the range of 25 to 49 is good practice, 50 to 74 is excellent practice and 75 to 100 is leading practice.
Singleton likens the IS rating to the Green Building Council of Australia’s Green Star rating. “Just as Green Star has changed building design and functionality, we envisage the IS rating scheme will change the design, construction and performance of Australia’s infrastructure,” he notes.
“AGIC’s scheme has been embraced by industry and we are keen for governments and private developers across Australia to include the IS rating scheme in infrastructure tenders to provide a common national framework for industry to use.
“An infrastructure asset that is designed for optimum performance over its lifecycle provides a stronger platform to attract investment. With billions of dollars planned to be invested in Australian infrastructure, the IS rating scheme will contribute to more efficient, resilient and robust infrastructure,” he concludes.

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