Integrating Transperth ticketing system with car parking

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For the first time in Australia, card users can link parking payments to the SmartRider card they use to access public transport services so they can pay for car parking using their smart cards.

The new SmartParker system, developed by ticketing technology specialists Parkeon, in collaboration with the Public Transport Authority of Western Australia (PTA), has been in operation at Transperth train stations. One hundred and twenty eight (128) SmartParker meters have been installed at Transperth train stations and the machines are already processing in excess of 15,000 transactions per day.

The new system is both cashless and ticketless and enables passengers to pay their parking fees by ‘tagging-on’ at the designated SmartParker machines. Card holders must link their vehicle registration details to their SmartRider account online, following which a flat fee of $2 a day for cars, motorcycles and scooters, is automatically debited each time the card is used for parking. Transactions are processed via Parkeon’s centralised MyParkfolio database linked to the SmartRider scheme.

“SmartParker is turning the vision of a more integrated future into reality,” Dave Thompson, Director of Parkeon in Australia said. “Our technology is making car parking and urban transport a seamless experience for people in Perth… gone are the days of searching for spare change. Now all that’s needed is a valid smartcard – because the system maintains a record of payments and provides data to the license plate recognition software used by car park attendants.”

Parkeon provides the equipment and back office suite of software for the Transperth ticketing system. It recently won the contract to provide real-time journey tracking for passengers along with Australia’s first underground dynamic bus stand allocation system and enhance the scheme’s back-office architecture and introduce advanced on-bus smartcard validators. This will enhance the already high adoption rates of the SmartRider system, which is responsible for more than 120million boardings every year.

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