Interior fitout green rating tool for all building types launched

by FM Media
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A new rating tool to assess the interior fitout of any building type has been launched by the Green Building Council of Australia.

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) has launched a new rating tool to assess the interior fitout of any building type, including hospitals, hotels, schools, shops and offices. The Green Star – Interiors PILOT rating tool has evolved from the Green Star – Office Interiors v1.1 rating tool.
“Green Star – Interiors will expand the benefits of Green Star certification to new market sectors, drive industry innovation and set new benchmarks of best practice for sustainable interiors,” Romilly Madew, chief executive of the GBCA, states.
The GBCA released the Green Star – Office Interiors v1.1 rating tool in 2005 to encourage higher levels of environmental sustainability in office fitouts by providing best practice benchmarks for a range of issues, such as natural light, fresh air, waste management and low-emissions materials. More than 100 offices around Australia have achieved Green Star certification under the rating tool, with a further 100 projects registered for certification.
Green Star – Interiors is now available as a PILOT rating tool, and the GBCA is seeking expressions of interest from projects, particularly in the education, retail and hospitality sectors, to test the rating tool’s credits and achieve the first certifications in their market segments.

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