IoT tech to be used in CSIRO building data

by Ben Ice
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SimPRO’s remote modelling solution will be used in CSIRO’s research into energy-efficient apartment living. It will provide data about energy use of things like lifts, chillers, air-conditioning, lights and power of four high-rise buildings in Melbourne’s Docklands. The IoT technology made it possible to track building performance without hard-wiring on the buildings, which all are already standing.

“Structural wiring would have had to be done between floors of buildings, we would have

been there for a good while just doing the structured cabling,” says David Tripp, director at O’Brien Electrical Wantirna, who led the installation. SimPRO IoT meant the ability to simply retrofit sensors.

“We’ve got a really good understanding of energy efficiency in detached homes,” says CSIRO senior experimental scientist Michael Ambrose. “However, we have very little information about how units and apartments perform. And with the rise in apartment living, that’s really how this project came about.”

Four buildings in the Docklands were chosen as climate-similar buildings were important for accurate comparison. The information collected will inform baseline data to run energy-efficient residential high rise buildings in future. It will also help verify and improve the way apartments are rated, says Ambrose.

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