Is this the world’s biggest idiot on a ladder?

by Dave Bullard
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For a bit of light-hearted news on a Friday, the UK’s Ladder Association has announced the winner of its second annual Idiots on Ladders competition.

The association, which is a trade body for the safe and correct use of ladders, says it was inundated with entries from around the world highlighting the worst ways to work at height.

The winning picture, which received nearly four times as many votes as the runner-up, shows “two workmen showing some misplaced faith while trying to climb a church roof. One man on the ground holds up one ladder which props up a second one leaning against it at an angle. The other worker is halfway up the second ladder, with only the steep church roof to lean into.”

The runner-up this year shows a Bangkok tradie working on a set of traffic lights while balancing a bamboo ladder on top of a ute.

Ladder Association Chairman Cameron Clow said: “Idiots on Ladders is about shaming bad practice and showing how important training is. The number of pictures the public sends in, and the things seen happening in them, is always hard to believe.

“Ladders are a practical and indispensable option in the workplace, but like any other piece of work at height equipment they have to be used safely and competently. The Ladder Association’s message has always been that if it’s right to use a ladder, use the right ladder and get trained to use it safely. With falls from height the main cause of death in the UK workplace, the people misusing their equipment in these pictures really are taking their lives in their hands.”

The full album of pictures can be seen on the Ladder Association’s Facebook page.

2013 Idiots on Ladders winner.

The Ladder Association’s 2013 Idiots on Ladders winner.

The Ladder Association's 2013 Idiots on Ladders runner-up.

The Ladder Association’s 2013 Idiots on Ladders runner-up.


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