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Wet Sand Blaster

Equipment hire company Kennards is showcasing new equipment at the infrastructure expo CIVENEX 2014.

Two of the new products are the Hydraulic Pipe Saw and the Wet Sand Blaster, both from the Kennards Hire Concrete Care stable.

The Hydraulic Pipe Saw is highly efficient and accurate. Its ability to operate in confined spaces, fume free with a high degree of accuracy, allows the user to complete the job efficiently while maintaining the highest level of safety standards, compared to conventional methods currently used.

“There’s no risk of kick-back, which can occur with a demolition saw,” says Konrad Stempniak, national product manager for Kennards Hire Concrete Care. “In most site applications where this type of cutting is required, soft or muddy ground underfoot normally creates unstable operator conditions and, in addition, fumes emitted from the petrol motors would make cutting pipes with demolition saws virtually impossible. The Hydraulic Pipe Saw overcomes this.”

The Wet Sand Blaster is ideal for removing paint on brick, concrete, masonry and steel surfaces, as well as descaling corrosion or rust on metal surfaces to prepare for painting. Its benefits include an innovative wet mist technology, which simultaneously blasts grit with water mist to ensure a dust free method of surface preparation.

Another strength of the Wet Sand Blaster is its mobility. If there is standing room for the operator, it will comfortably function in the tightest spaces.

For more information visit the Kennards website or CIVENEX 2014 on 14 and 15 May at the Sydney Dragway, Ferrers Road, Eastern Creek.

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