Lack of career progression causing shortages in FM

by FM Media

Due to an aging workforce and the movement of candidates out of the industry, facilities managers, building managers and maintenance managers are in short supply, according to the latest Hays Quarterly Report, which reveals current recruitment trends in the facilities management industry.

Facilities managers, building managers and maintenance managers are in short supply due to the aging workforce and movement of candidates out of the industry, according to the latest Hays Quarterly Report. The report, which covers July to September 2012, has also identified a demand for facilities coordinators and facilities administrators.
”The aging workforce and movement of candidates out of facilities management in response to a lack of available career progression have added to the shortage of these skills,” Shane Little, regional director of Hays Facilities Management, imparts.
According to him, data centre technicians, both electrical and mechanical, are in high demand. ”Data centres is a growing market in response to mobile internet as well as the demand for secure information and the growth of industries such as internet gaming,” he comments.
He adds that there is also a demand for maintenance electricians and air-conditioning technicians and that employers want candidates with critical site experience.
Meanwhile, the report reveals that general employer trends are leaning towards offering career development to their staff and promoting internally. Employers are also offering flexibility to top candidates, such as working from home, free parking and bonus incentives, to attract and retain staff.
“While many employers have very strict requirements in terms of skills and experience, others are looking at new hires with long-term potential and will consider less experienced candidates who they can develop into a role,” Little notes. “The main reason is that they believe this gives the candidate a greater incentive to remain long term with the organisation. For the same reason, many employers will also invest in new graduates and develop their experience.”
According to Little, employers are also looking for a candidate who can bring value to the business, while at the same time increasing responsibilities in comparison to the role’s predecessor.
Candidate trends show skilled and experienced professionals in areas of high demand have become far more selective about the companies and positions they will consider. “They are taking longer to think about roles and will wait for the perfect role to become available,” Little states. “As a result, employers are enhancing their employee value proposition during the interview process.”
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