Large venue projectors

by FM Media
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Hitachi’s new large venue projectors include superior functionality in a slim body design.

Using an image blended display, Hitachi’s new large venue projectors are ideal for use in large spaces. Flexible installation allows use in a wide range of venues, including conference halls and auditoriums.
The high performance projectors contain a variety of lens options and superior lens shift, allowing for a broad installation area. The projectors can cover a total range of two screen areas 1.7 screen/1.6 screen areas vertically.
The motorised settings include optical lens shift, zoom and focus adjustments, which can be adjusted from a distance with the remote control. Lens memory stores up to three patterns of settings for lens shift position, which eliminates the need to make adjustments so projection can begin quickly with the proper settings.
The Perfect Fit feature enables quick adjustment of the projected image by moving all four corners at the same time. Barrel or pincushion distortion can easily be corrected.
Additional features include advanced network functions for convient networking, multi projector function, optional wireless capability and DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communictions in Medicine) Simulation Mode.

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