High-quality loop audio can benefit hearing-impaired visitors to facilities

by Tiffany Paczek
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Hearing is a mainstream health issue that effects the lives of many Australians. Today there is one in six Australians suffering from some degree of hearing loss with the Hearing Care Industry Association (HCIA) predicting that by 2050 this will increase to one in four.

Facilities and institutions with medium-sized spaces such as meeting rooms, waiting rooms and lecture halls, can provide good quality audio to hearing impaired visitors with the compact and powerful Contacta V14 hearing loop driver. The inclusion of Contacta’s V14 hearing loop in contemporary spaces will ensure hearing impaired visitors and staff receive the best possible audio coverage, improving communication and the overall experience.

Contacta is a UK based company that enhances customer service by creating, improving and supporting contact channels through audio, communication and secure transfer products. The latest addition to Contacta’s V series, the V14 is a constant current, single output hearing loop driver. All V Series systems are made with the installer and user in mind, providing cutting-edge technology to achieve life-like speech and superior music reproduction.

The V14 includes a backlit LCD display and user interface with a simple dial to make adjusting loop parameters effortless, while its compact half width 1U chassis enables swift and straight-forward installation.

V14 Hearing Loop Audio Driver. Image courtesy of Contacta

Designed to produce supreme sound quality in new and existing buildings, the V14 hearing loop driver includes a Class-D amplifier output stage, with automatic gain control and features high frequency compensation for metal loss.

Integrated protection circuits with temperature, voltage and short circuit DC detection and ultra-efficient power utilisation provide applications with a reliable and energy efficient hearing loop solution.

Unlike many conventional drivers, the V series does not require fan cooling, which results in a quieter, lighter and easier to maintain product.

The Contacta V14 is distributed by Amber Technology, one of Austtralia’s largest and most respected distributors of high technology equipment solutions to the professional broadcast, film, recording, live production and home entertainment markets. For more information or enquiries visit www.ambertech.com.au.

Image: 123RF’s kasto © 123RF 

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