Makinex at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions with nominated design

by Helena Morgan
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In addition to celebrating its twentieth year as a leader in cutting-edge construction and industrial solutions, Makinex launches the Portable Power Box (PPB) in response to the global appetite for clean and green energy.

Makinex’s new product – the PPB – seeks to remedy the fallout from the exponential jump in global energy consumption that is close to crippling the construction industry – energy expenses are reportedly exceeding five percent of project budgets. 

Additionally, increasing diesel prices means contractors are scouring the market for alternatives.

A revolutionary product 

The PPB fuses efficiency, convenience, portability and durability to deliver affordable and operable eco-friendly energy. 

Armed with eight kilowatts of output power and 15 kilowatts of storage, the PPB is fully charged in under ten hours. Additionally, its robust frame guarantees easy storage and manoeuvrability and prioritises safety with life-saving residual current device (RCD) protection and an ingress protection (IP) rating of 44. 

Makinex’s energy efficient contribution to the market is compatible with 240V mains and solar photovoltaic, offers varied connection options and is safe to operate in tight indoor spaces. 

A win-win for the industry and planet 

Makinex CEO John Stewart envisages the PPB enhancing the construction industry as a “noise-free, fuel-free and emissions free” portable solution.

“With regulatory bodies tightening restrictions on carbon emissions and customers demanding renewable solutions, the PPB is an accessible and affordable way for businesses big and small to lower costs and reduce environmental impact,” says Stewart.

Makinex’s innovative design for the PPB earned the company a nomination in the prestigious Innovative Product Awards at this year’s World of Concrete event in Las Vegas. Voting opened on 8 January and will close on 9 February, with winners announced on 20 February. 

Photography supplied by Makinex. 

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