Managing Melbourne Star against corrosion

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One of the newest tourist attractions in Melbourne, the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel is a mammoth structure built using roughly 1200 tonnes of steel. Owing to the material and its close proximity to the ocean, both factors that are hugely affected by corrosion complexities, preservation of the structure was a major consideration in the design specification.

One of the primary ways to protect an asset from corrosion is to physically isolate structures from the environment by applying a protective coating.

A fast drying polysiloxane coating protects the steel structure of the Melbourne Star and the high-gloss white colour of the covering is a good reflective screen for the observation wheel’s evening lightshow. It has been painted using AkzoNobel’s International brand of paint coatings. Instead of the often used three-coat system, AkzoNobel opted for the company’s two-coat Interzinc 52 primer and Interfine 979 polysiloxane system. The coating was spray applied to the complex steel sections after fabrication.

The polysiloxane topcoat has now been renamed Melbourne Star Observation Wheel White, after the original colour specification.

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