Master Lock releases Excell Stainless padlock series

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The two new new Master Lock marine grade padlocks were designed with strong weather resistance in mind.

The padlocks are made from Grade 316 stainless steel, use the toughest boron alloy material and have a covered laminated stainless steel body for maximum water resistance, even in prolonged extreme conditions.

A Master Lock media release boasts the padlocks are 50 percent stronger than a standard padlock.

The padlocks come in two sizes: Master Lock Excell Stainless Steel 44mm and Master Lock Exell Stainless Steel 51mm and come with the inclusion of four keys.

Both have increased shackle clearance for a broad range of applications and have a professional grade ball bearing locking mechanism that provides maximum pull and pry resistance.

The strength and weather resistance make the locks ideal for securing factory fences, sheds, gates or maritime security requirements. The items’ recommended retail prices are $34.98 for the 44-millimetre size and $39.98 for the 51-millimetre size.

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