Mitsubishi Electric expands modular chiller line for increased efficiency

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Mitsubishi Electric Australia has announced an expansion to one of its ‘off-the-shelf’ high efficiency chiller ranges, which aims to help managers and owners get closer to complying with government energy legislations. 

The new 150-kilowatt and 180-kilowatt modules have been added to the inverter driven E-Series.

The top discharge air-cooled modular chillers boast exceptional part load efficiencies, improved energy savings, reduced footprint and a host of advanced features and benefits. They are available as heat pump and cooling only options.

“The Australian Government is focused on a 26 to 28 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 2005 levels by 2030,” says Atesh Mani, national product manager at Mitsubishi Electric Australia. “This means that legislation and initiatives they are putting in place, such as minimum energy performance for new buildings or major refurbishments, are impacting how businesses build. The updates made to the E-Series chiller range allow businesses to meet these efficiency requirements and create a comfortable work environment.”

Another key feature of the range is optimum frequency control. The embedded logic will maximise overall efficiency of the system by operating the compressors in high efficiency operating range under part load conditions. This feature in the E-Series chiller line-up is beneficial to improve overall efficiency of the mechanical plant whether it comprises a single module or even up to 24 modules.

The new units have an even smaller footprint than the existing 90-kilowatt E-Series modules and each slim unit can be positioned in a bank of up to six connected units using the same internal header, saving on piping space and equipment costs. Available as a cooling only or heat pump version, the chiller is suitable for both comfort and process cooling applications.

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