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This mobile app places an office printer in the palm of your hand, enabling easy and efficient printing on the go, as well as document management.

Konica Minolta’s PageScope Mobile application, Version 2.0 places an office printer in the palm of your hand, enabling easy and efficient printing on the go. The iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch application allows users to connect with a range of Konica Minolta multifunction bizhub printers to browse, read and instruct printing of documents, images and scanned data, no matter where they are.
The PageScope Mobile app is suited to office-bound workers and employees who frequently travel for business, don’t work regularly on site or work part time from a home office. The app also allows users to track and manage their total print volume at any level.
In addition, a security feature integrates with multi-function device (MFD) authentication to provide a secure and confidential approach to mobile printing. This is useful for those who need to ensure that confidential documents can be immediately printed for reference or signature. Users provide their credentials via embedded MFD authentication, active directory authentication and Konica Minolta’s Secure Print Management Solution PageScope Enterprise Suite (PSES).
A new screen design and the ability to print the entire webpage and from HTML mail are only a few of the new features the PageScope Mobile Version 2.0 supports. The updated app can now also print emails written in languages other than Latin, such as Japanese, allowing a more cohesive experience with global affiliations. The app also has a new feature that allows users to download and print documents from Google Docs.
The Konica Minolta PageScope app can be downloaded at

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