MYBOS Facilities Management System

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The MYBOS philosophy is to provide its clients with cost effective, personalised and innovative facilities management-related software and hardware solutions. Here’s what the MYBOS Facilities Management System can do for you.


You develop sublime living spaces. Change the market paradigm by bundling management systems with your developments. MYBOS is the perfect turnkey solution to streamline settlement process and beyond. Its integrated maintenance systems minimise defect periods and ensure your building always functions at hundred percent. MYBOS interconnects your community, management and contractors in the easiest of ways. Get MYBOS, so you don’t just build homes, you create communities that thrive!


Five-star managers deserve five-star systems. MYBOS Building Management System has the most comprehensive feature set, best-in-class ease of use and the most personal, hands-on support. Along with these, it is packed with features for defect management, inspection scheduling, asset management, messaging tools and much more. You would love the way it integrates owners, tenants, managers and contractors at one platform. With MYBOS, managing your building is a breeze. So get the only system as good as you are, MYBOS!

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Do you live or own a property in a strata scheme? Have you ever had trouble managing your property’s maintenance? Is it sometimes hard to coordinate with building management? Well, just get MYBOS. It is a wonderful online platform to integrate you with the building management and the contractors. So, whenever you have an issue, just lodge an online request. The system tracks all communication surrounding your request and keeps you updated on the issue’s status. With MYBOS Community Management, nothing is missed!


Managing hotel facilities isn’t for the ordinary. When you manage facilities of the highest standards, when you minimise disruption amid the hustle and bustle of fast-rotating occupancy, you are one of the best. With live inspections, spot-on housekeeping, keys management and on-the-go defect management, MYBOS Facilities Management System provides the best tools for your job in one easy-to-use package. That’s why leading hotels in Australia use MYBOS, because the best do not settle for ordinary, they need the best!

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There are times when you fancy a bit of oomph in your reports. So allow us to introduce MYBOS Facilities Management System, which has one-touch pre-formatted reports for everything about your building. Generate a list of assets, ongoing and completed projects, visitor records, key logs, correspondence history, facilities and room inspection records, and much more. Not only that, you can export your reports in a number of common formats and further edit them to add further insights. Download, email or store your reports in the library for later access – MYBOS does it all. Simple. Powerful.

For more information contact Sam Khalef, managing director, on 0431 540 225 or MYBOS on (02) 8378 1096, or visit

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