Helping SMB’s to capitalise on new technology

by Tiffany Paczek
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MyNetFone and Australian Construction Industry Forum have formed a strategic partnership to help businesses capitalise on new technology.

MyNetFone Business, a provider of new-generation hosted communications services and part of the MNF Group, is renewing its commitment to the largest sector of Australian business – small and medium businesses (SMBs).

Lee Atkinson (formerly head of products at MNF Group), has been appointed general manager for small business and channel partners, with an explicit remit to help SMBs capitalise on technology changes to fuel their own business growth.

One of Atkinson’s first actions in this newly created role is to strike a series of strategic partnerships with key SMB member groups to drive awareness, support and understanding of the efficiencies modern telecom systems can create. The Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF) is the first to be announced and will see MyNetFone supporting ACIF with webinars, promotions and events around technology in the construction industry.

Atkinson says, “Our partnership with the Australian Construction Industry Forum will kick off our first TED-style talk on 13 December, with more planned for early next year. Technology in construction will be the focus point and specialist speakers will talk about telecoms, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and software.”

Members of ACIF will have exclusive access to MyNetFone Business’s comprehensive suite of IP-based communication products and services as part of the strategic partnership. Apart from discounted rates on ruggedised phones and telecom services, MyNetFone is focused on supporting the industry with thought-leadership in technology.

“ACIF represents the major influencers in the construction industry,” says ACIF executive officer James Cameron. “Its members are made up of over 200,000 small business owners and decision makers. With technology playing a more vital role in shaping the future of construction, ACIF aims to lead the way in equipping our members to be well placed to harness and influence these changes. The new partnership with MyNetFone will allow us and our members to be at the forefront of innovation adoption while sharing learnings to influence technology change.”

According to Atkinson, investing in modern technology is key for SMBs to remain agile and adaptive. Today’s business landscape is difficult to navigate, even for global behemoths with vast resources at their disposable. SMBs, at the other end of the business equation, often feel the full brunt of the rapidly evolving digital-based business environment.

Having held senior roles selling telecoms and IT to SMBs in the UK, Atkinson is excited to be driving the renewed focus on SMBs for MNF. “Being a small business owner myself, I understand the needs of our customers. The ACIF agreement is the first of many strategic partnerships, as we strive to help our customers beyond just solving their communications woes, and be an active partner in helping them turn technology change into business success.”

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