NABERS NZ launched

by FM Media
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New Zealand has adopted the NABERS program and launched NABERS NZ.

NABERS, which is administered by the NSW Government on behalf of the Australian, state and territory governments, has been adopted by New Zealand. The launch of NABERS NZ in Auckland is the first time that Australia’s star rating system for offices has been adopted overseas.
“NABERS is a world-class rating system that measures the energy efficiency, water usage and waste management of a building using a one to six star rating system. The adoption of the program by our New Zealand neighbours is testament to NSW’s world-leading environmental credentials,” Environment Minister Robyn Parker states.
New Zealand Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority Chief Executive, Mike Underhill comments: “I’m delighted to have observed the success NABERS has had in raising the profile of good energy management in commercial offices. NABERS has delivered real value over a number of years for tenants and building owners.
“New Zealand commercial office buildings could save 25 percent in energy costs through improved energy management. The introduction of NABERS NZ will help building owners and tenants to realise these savings.”

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