Nasal sanitising balm being developed to address coronavirus concerns

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Holista CollTech has announced that it will co-develop and produce the world’s first nasal sanitising balm in Malaysia, using Path-Away.

Path-Away is a plant-based alcohol-free active ingredient that has been proven to kill all previously tested corona-type viruses. It has been tested and proven to kill more than 170 pathogens (including viruses, bacteria and fungi) and was developed by GICC LLC. It kills the AIDS virus and the resilient Mycobacterium tuberculosis. In Malaysia, it is approved by the Ministry of Health as being effective against the H1N1 virus. GICC LLC, based in Bluffton, South Carolina, was founded by president and principal research scientist, Dr Arthur Martin.

Martin and Dr Rajen Manicka, founder and CEO of Holista, jointly announced, “Following the outbreak of COVID-19, the two companies will extend their partnership and accelerate the development of the nasal sanitising balm which will contain Path-Away”.

The two companies expect to jointly file a global patent on the nasal sanitising balm first quarter of 2020, and intend to commence production by the third quarter of 2020, ahead of distribution to global markets and the onset of the UK and European winter.

The balm will include Path-Away, which is created from a series of individual plants and processes proprietary to GICC LLC. Path-Away attaches to the virus and weakens the cell walls by inhibiting its ability to take up amino acids – the basic building block of cells. This forces the virus cells to clump together, in the process of killing themselves, almost instantly.

Martin says, “An airborne virus can only enter the human body through the eyes, the mouth and the nose. The mouth is protected by salivary enzymes and the eyes produce tears with specific enzymes that disable proteins on virus surfaces. The nose, however, is warm, damp and dark especially during winter. Rich in fatty and amino acids, the nasal passage leads directly to sinuses, the throat and, of course, the lungs, thus making it the most vulnerable to viruses.”

“We are pleased to partner with Holista to develop a nasal sanitising balm equivalent of NatShield Sanitiser, as masks do not provide complete protection to the nose as they are loose- fitting and may allow small droplets to enter the mouth or nose. Since Path-Away is plant-based and alcohol-free, it does not irritate the nose and will be effective for six hours”, he adds.

Update on hand-held sanitiser

NatShield Sanitiser, containing Path-Away and developed by Holista, is currently bottled in Malaysia and distributed within the 10-country ASEAN region. Stocks have run out in local pharmacies and Holista says it is working with three bottlers in the Philippines to meet orders.

Dr Rajen Manicka, CEO of Holista CollTech, says, “Due to health concerns about COVID-19, Holista is striving to meet the demands for the hand-held NatShield Sanitiser locally in Malaysia as well as in Australia.”

Extent of distribution

GICC LLC has agreed to grant Holista marketing and distribution rights of Path-Away beyond ASEAN region to include UK and Europe. Holista will distribute NatShield Sanitiser and the nasal sanitising balm into the UK and Europe. Holista will also work collaboratively with GICC LLC in the North American market to market NatShield Sanitiser and the nasal sanitiser balm.

Airflow cleansing equipment in facilities

GICC LCC has also developed a set of equipment and processes that helps deploy Path-Away in buildings such as airports, transportation hubs, hospitals, schools and factories to improve the quality of the airflow. The solution involves pumping mists containing Path-Away into the air-conditioning and ventilation systems to destroy the deadly pathogens present in such enclosed public spaces.

It has been used for over a decade in various countries and market segments to prevent illness and to increase productivity.

GICC LLC previously helped Malaysia during the H1N1 outbreak in 2009 and Singapore during the SARS outbreak in 2003 using Path-Away.

Holista will now exclusively represent this technology in the Asia Pacific region except for China, Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan.


As previously announced to the ASX , Holista has successfully raised just over $2.6 million since the start of 2020, utilising the Acuity Capital Control Placement Agreement (CPA) facility. This funding will provide the capital to develop the nasal sanitising balm, and grow existing regional markets, as well as new European markets without disrupting business operations.

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