Sustainability heroes: National Energy Efficiency award winners announced

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The National Energy Efficiency Awards 2017 have recognised and awarded corporate leadership, individual excellence and energy efficiency innovation. Hosted by the Energy Efficiency Council (EEC), the awards were announced at the National Energy Efficiency Conference 2017 Gala Dinner in Melbourne on 19 November.

The following winners represent the best in industrial, commercial and government efficiency, demand response and cogeneration:

Best Industrial Energy Efficiency Project 2017

Winner: Toll – Nike energy efficiency upgrade

The Nike warehouse was upgraded as part of Toll’s Smarter Green program. This project included the rewiring and reprogramming of each conveyor section to automatically identify product/cartons in the system adding new barcode scanners and conveyor blade stops. It is estimated the productivity and throughput efficiency of the conveyor system increased by 25 percent, as well as delivering energy savings of 18 percent. The project also saw a redesign of the lighting for the site, replacing more than 1300 fittings with LED technology including high bays, aisle bays and in rack luminaires.

Best Innovation in Energy Efficiency 2017

Winner: MATRIXX – an intelligent LED lighting platform

Vivid Industrial has developed an intelligent, energy efficient, lighting and service solution for the industrial and commercial markets. The unique Australian designed and manufactured, MATRIXX technology has demonstrated its capability as a highly effective ‘industrial internet of things’ lighting platform, consistently generating benchmarked energy savings in excess of 80 percemt, significantly reducing energy cost and life-cycle environmental impact.

Best Energy Savings Program 2017

Winner: Victorian Government – Victorian energy upgrades

Victorian Energy Upgrades is a Victorian Government program providing households and businesses with access to discounted energy-saving products and upgrades through accredited providers. Formerly known as the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme, it is Australia’s largest and longest-running energy efficiency obligation scheme. In 2017, energy retailers are being asked to help reduce Victoria’s greenhouse gas emissions by 5.9 million tonnes through energy efficiency. The target increases each year and will be 6.5 million tonnes in 2020.

Highly commended: NSW Government –  energy saver for business

Best Commercial Building Energy Efficiency Project 2017

Winner: Enhancing energy efficiency at the MCG

Melbourne Cricket Club partnered with Siemens to deliver an innovative Energy Performance Contract (EPC) to improve the energy efficiency of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) – the largest stadium in the Southern Hemisphere. During 2014-2015, the EPC drove the upgrade of existing practices as well as the installation of innovative efficiency systems at the stadium. Specific objectives were to cut water use at the ground by five percent, reduce CO2 equivalent carbon emissions by 19 percent annually and result in a utility cost saving of 20 percent each year. The work the MCC and Siemens have undertaken has delivered tangible sustainability results that have greatly exceeded expectations and cemented the MCG’s status as one of the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly stadiums in the world.

Leading Energy User 2017 (category proudly supported by the Energy Users Association of Australia)

Winner: Unity Water

Providing customers with high quality, safe and reliable water and sewerage collection and treatment services demands a great deal of energy-hungry pumping and Unity Water’s annual cost of electricity is second only to that of staff. The program was designed to bank sustainable year-on-year energy savings and to foster change across the business, making energy-efficient operation a part of business-as-usual, and reducing Unity Water’s overall electricity bill by 19 percent by June 2018.

Best Residential Energy Efficiency Project 2017

Winner: Switch Your Thinking

Switch Your Thinking is a local government energy efficiency program, working with the community to find innovative solutions to electricity problems. Under a unique partnership arrangement, 14 Perth Metro local governments – servicing one million residents – have joined the program to deliver energy efficiency initiatives under one collective brand. Rewards for Residents offers the community discounts on energy efficiency technology including solar panels, battery storage, eco-pool pumps and electricity audits.

Best ‘Smart’ Energy Project 2017

Winner: RMIT University – Sustainable Urban Precincts Program

The Sustainable Urban Precincts Program (SUPP) is the largest project of its type in the Southern Hemisphere. The SUPP represents a $128 million commitment by RMIT to reduce emissions associated with University operations (25 percent by 2020) whilst also delivering a step-change in asset management practices and end user experience. The SUPP was delivered across RMIT’s three Melbourne campuses by two Energy Services Companies (ESCOs), Siemens and Honeywell, over a construction period of three years and included approximately 60 individual energy and water saving projects.

Young Energy Efficiency Professional 2017

Winner: Jason Harrison, Airmaster

At 27 years of age, Jason Harrison has been a strong advocate for energy efficiency in the HVAC&R Industry with his data driven vision, undertaking research and leading projects. His vision is to move towards a more data driven industry with energy efficiency at the forefront. As well as working full time, he is currently undertaking his thesis on designing a ‘SMART’ control strategy algorithm, which is designed to minimise and manage peak electrical loads in occupied buildings to ultimately reduce energy tariffs and maximise energy efficiencies.

Energy Efficiency Champion 2017

Winner: Alan Pears, RMIT

For over 30 years, Alan Pears AM has been teasing out the complexities and absurdities of energy and climate policy in Australia. His foresight and lateral thinking, together with his practical experience, have made him the ‘go to’ authority on energy efficiency since the 1980s. He has advised and assisted people of all political persuasions, governments, policy makers, researchers and non-government organisations, with a generosity of time and spirit and a degree of patience that makes him a national treasure.

Image: Mikko Lemola ©

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