New anti-corrosion coating for fire sprinkers

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Victaulic Sprinkler

Corrosion is a potentially major problem for all fire sprinkler systems, not only due to the risks it presents in performance reliability, but also in maintenance challenges. No one wants their sprinkler system offline.

Victaulic, the world’s leading manufacturer of mechanical pipe-joining systems, has introduced an alternative coating for its Victaulic FireLock Sprinklers, which it claims delivers superior corrosion resistance across a range of corrosive environments.

The new optional corrosion-resistance coating, called VC-250 has been developed to increase the protection of FireLock sprinklers from exposure to weather or areas that may be specified as chemical environments. The coating completely encompasses the sprinkler frame with a uniform thickness, preventing areas of vulnerability, while maintaining functionality.

Sprinklers with the VC-250 coating can be used in water treatment, food manufacturing, ethanol production, and pickling stainless steel lines amongst other applications. The VC-250 is both UL and FM approved as a corrosion resistant coating.

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