New approach to data centre HVAC sees savings

by FM Media
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A new data centre HVAC technique has been demonstrated to free up space for additional racks while cutting the energy requirement for cooling.

Co-location data centres are under pressure to cut prices while increasing resilience, power density and power availability. A new technique – pioneered by EcoCooling and described by Amazon’s James Hamilton as “using the building as an air-handler” when combined with the company’s patented computer room evaporative cooling (CREC) units – has been demonstrated to free up space for an additional 200 revenue-generating racks in a typical 1000-rack large data centre while cutting the energy requirement for cooling from over 1700 kilowatts to 160 kilowatts. The EcoCooling CREC cooling system can create additional capacity as it is installed external to the white space.
Alan Beresford, EcoCooling managing and technical director, notes that evaporative cooling is a relatively young technology and that it is not suitable for every data centre in every country. However, he points out that evaporative cooling has now come of age and can be used by a great many data centres throughout the temperate regions of the world.

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