New generation stock picking system

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ICAM stock picker

ICAM, an Italian supplier of automated storage and filing, has announced a new interactive stock picking system.

To remain competitive, today’s suppliers must effectively manage ever greater frequency of orders, including smaller quantity orders. For this reason, warehouse picking systems that can manage this complexity and provide order accuracy and speed, have become a significant competitive factor for companies. To respond to these new production and distribution scenarios, until now companies only had simple Pick-by-Light and Put-to-Light Systems – quite expensive and with a limited number of features.

These solutions are also limited in the information they provide to the operator, and can force them to move from tray to control panel to access more information, resulting in wasted time. ICAM claims its new system, called IRIDE, changes the rules of the game. Employing a combination of coloured light beams that identify the right locations containing the material to be handled, with a head-up digital dashboard and active gesture control, which enables hands-free interaction. The operator is guided step-by-step throughout the process, and is able to roam freely among the items to organise and store. It’s a fully integrated digital environment of machine and operator working as one, which ICAM says redefines the standards of ergonomics and usability in stock picking, as well as accuracy and productivity.

The visual guide and gesture control supposedly creates a picking experience that feels much more natural, simple and comfortable. With clear and simple instructions, it becomes evident where to pick and the right quantity to collect. ICAM says the interaction with the machine is surprisingly intuitive, enabling easy learning by users. All information shown on the head-up digital dashboard is projected directly into the operator’s field of vision eliminating the need to continually glance from tray-to-control panel.

The displayed information has been carefully selected for usefulness while providing low distraction for the greatest possible level of safety, productivity and accuracy. The time necessary for refocusing is considerably reduced compared to the traditional management systems. This helps the operator to keep their focus constant and reduces eye-fatigue. The operator can interact in real time with the information projected onto the head-up digital dashboard, changing the number of items to pick or to be refilled, by confirming or cancelling the operation.

Several options are available for comfort and usability: Air Mouse, Ring Mouse, Remote Control Wireless Mouse Keyboard, Gesture Control, Barcode scanning. These are early days for IRIDE, but ICAM believes the possibilities for its new introduction will evolve and expand with both technology and user experience.

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