New Heat Pump Estimator to help businesses decarbonise and save

by Sophie Berrill
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The Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity (A2EP) has launched a new online estimation tool to help businesses in sizing heat pumps to replace gas boilers. It’s a bid to reduce skyrocketing energy costs and decarbonise operations to meet net zero targets.

Electrically-driven heat pumps are increasingly viewed as an essential technology for the decarbonisation of heating and cooling in industrial, commercial and residential applications. They can use waste heat from other processes and can operate on locally generated renewable electricity, such as from on-site solar photovoltaic systems.

While the implementation of industrial heat pumps is growing rapidly in Europe and other areas, Australia has been slower to take up the technology, according to A2EP, an independent, not-for-profit coalition of research, business and government leaders.

“There is a lack of understanding across industry which we at A2EP are trying to overcome with resources and tools like the Heat Pump Estimator,” says A2EP CEO Jarrod Leak. 

“A lot of manufacturing and operations managers think heat pumps don’t compete on cost, but that’s based on the incorrect assumption that you need to replace a boiler with a heat pump of the same capacity, which is not the case.”

The Heat Pump Estimator tool

The Heat Pump Estimator will give business decision-makers the basic information they need to understand if a heat pump system is technically and economically viable for their business. It also allows them to start a conversation with an energy consultant or heat pump provider and get the ball rolling.

“So many Australian businesses are under extreme pressure from the rapid rise of energy prices, particularly gas prices. They need to understand there are alternative technologies available right now which can reduce their energy costs, decarbonise and improve their self-sufficiency, and now is the time to get started,” says Leak.

To try the new tool, head to 

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