New, improved jet dryer

by FM Media
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A new fast and hygienic jet air hand dryer has been launched.

The New Executive Jet Dryer is Jet Dryer’s fastest and most hygienic jet air hand dryer. The hand dryer features an air speed of 540-plus kilometres per hour (150 miles per second) for a quick dry of hands in approximately 10 to 12 seconds, anti-bacterial coated HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) air filtration with up to 99.9 percent bacteria efficiency, and a quiet operating noise of approximately 75 dba, with optional speed control to reduce noise further.
In addition, the New Executive Jet Dryer is vandalism resistant, comes with a fragrance option and includes a water collection tray in order to reduce the mess and risk from wet floors. It is available in silver or white.

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