New KNX training program will keep FMs up to speed with smart building technology

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Facilities managers who don’t want the buildings they manage to become smarter than they are could benefit from a new KNX Association administered training service.

KNX Technology is a global standard for building control and covers technology such as lighting and blind control, security systems, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, monitoring, alarming, water control, energy management, smart metering as well as AV systems.

As a leading standard, KNX has played an important role in shaping the market for smart home and smart building solutions. With its new training programme KNXtrain, users and professionals can acquire the skills to better understand and manage smart building technology.

“Since the introduction of KNX almost 30 years ago, training has been an integral part of KNX’s continued success. We are therefore proud to launch KNXtrain, the world’s largest training programme in the smart building sector,” explains KNX Association president Franz Kammerl

KNXtrain offers access to a variety of training options designed for both novice and experienced KNX users. Further to hands-on training sessions held in the 470 KNX training centres, KNXtrain also includes online training, events and webinars.

Together with the numerous online training courses, KNX’s 470 certified training centres have already trained and certified over 80,000 users and professionals for the specification and installation of KNX systems. From basic courses that introduce beginners to KNX technology and ETS (Engineering Tool Software), to advanced courses to deepen KNX knowledge and instructor courses, participants chose their training centre and engage in direct conversations with experienced KNX experts.

KNXtrain also provides and online component where newcomers will learn the basics and use the ETS eCampus, free of charge. The web-based learning platform gives participants comprehensive insights into the KNX technology and the planning and commissioning tool ETS. Once the ETS eCampus is successfully completed, participants will receive a complimentary

Self-study is also possible with the help of training documents. All documents are available for download free of charge on the KNX website.

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