New Livi flushable towels and anti-bacterial wipes

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New Livi Essentials offers a low maintenance hand towel system ideal for high traffic areas. Hygienic and convenient, the Flushable Multifold Towel is suitable for all environments such as offices, factories, restaurants, schools and public facilities.

It is designed to dissolve when flushed, thereby reducing the risk of blockages in septic tanks and ensuring savings on maintenance costs. The premium grade, soft-touch towel features a micro-emboss design offering exceptional absorbency. Available now in economy sized 250-sheet sealed packs.

Anti-bacterial wipes

The all-new anti-bacterial commercial grade wipes from Livi are extra strong and absorbent. Fabricated from strong, 70 grams per square metre apertured cloth, the wipes are both lightweight and reusable. The Livi wipe range is available in a selection of speciality colours – blue for general purpose, green for commercial kitchens and food preparation areas, yellow for when infection control is critical, and red for washroom areas.

Certified by HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) Australia, Livi yellow wipes are anti-bacterial to control infections. They’re available in standard 45-metre rolls with perforated sheets for controlled usage, which means potential everyday savings for your business.

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