New NABERS energy management guide released

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The NABERS Energy Management Guide for Tenants, which is designed to help office tenants take control of their energy costs and environmental impacts, has been released.

Environment Minister, Robyn Parker has released the NABERS Energy Management Guide for Tenants, which is designed to help office tenants take control of their energy costs and environmental impacts. Parker states that the guide will assist tenants in office buildings to manage their energy use efficiently while still having the light, warmth, cooling and power needed to support their business’s operations.
“The NABERS Energy Management Guide for Tenants has been designed to give tenants control of their own energy,” Parker comments. “Given that office tenants are responsible for, and can control, around 50 percent of the energy use in their buildings there are large potential savings to be made.
“Office tenants are a diverse group; there are large and small offices, new fitouts and established tenancies. The guide provides advice for tenants for each situation, including practical advice on steps any tenant can take themselves to save energy, as well as directions on where to go for professional advice and assistance,” she adds.
The guide will complement the Office of Environment and Heritage’s recently released Energy Efficient Lighting Technology Report, which is designed to help businesses choose the right lighting upgrade through outlining the technical specifications and business case for various lighting options.
As well as practical advice, the guide also provides several real-life examples of office tenants that have achieved great savings through simple initiatives, for example:

  • Colliers achieved a four-star NABERS Energy rating through management commitment and encouraging staff to change their behaviour. The high NABERS Energy rating was achieved without the use of contemporary lighting technologies.
  • EP&T used smart metering to reduce energy consumption. In one incident site managers were able to identify and disable an override on the air-conditioning system, saving $6286 a year from one simple action.
  • A Canberra tenant used lease negotiations to obtain energy efficiency improvements from the building owner, such as improvements in base building services and lighting initiatives.
  • The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) installed high tech energy efficient lighting, increasing upfront costs but leading to greater energy savings. RICS achieved a five-star NABERS Energy tenancy rating 15 months after the installation was completed. Energy consumption was reduced by 44 percent.

The guide is available for download for free from the NABERS website.

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