New option to access latest energy efficiency technology

by FM Media
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Businesses looking for relief from rising electricity prices and looking to benefit from rapid advancements in technology can now rent or lease the latest in energy efficient equipment.

Low Carbon Australia and Global Rental & Leasing are co-funding asset rental solutions for mid-market enterprises under the banner Global Clean Energy Finance. The finance is designed to assist business, industry and local government seeking to reduce their energy costs through the use of energy efficient equipment but where capital expenditure is restricted. Finance is available for energy efficient equipment upgrades for projects in excess of $100k.
Global Clean Energy Finance is designed to assist a range of businesses including those in the education and health sectors, clubs and not-for-profit organisations, local councils, transport and logistics businesses, manufacturers and professional services firms.
Clients pay for the use of the equipment over a fixed term and can return the equipment at the end of the term if they have no further use for it. Alternatively, they can purchase the equipment outright, or they can upgrade to newer equipment at any time and change the terms of their agreement.
“Offering tailored solutions to each client’s specific financial and operating needs, Global Clean Energy Finance covers upgrades to business necessities such as lighting and air-conditioning, behind the scenes equipment including building management systems, voltage optimisers and power factor correction and projects that enable on-site power generation,” Meg McDonald, CEO of Low Carbon Australia, states.
“Technology is changing at a rapid pace. If you’re a business worried about being stuck with obsolete equipment, an asset rental enables you to take advantage of today’s energy efficient technology now, and tomorrow’s technology in the future,” Matthew Macdougall, CEO of Global Rental & Leasing, comments.

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