New panelling delivers highest level of fire protection

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Laminex Fireguard

Laminex Australia has introduced a specialty MDF with the highest level of Building Code fire safety specification.

The new product, called Trade Essentials Fireguard, is classified as a Building Code of Australia Group 1 fire retardant product. Tests show that Fireguard significantly reduces the spread of fire by delaying combustion and not contributing to flame spread.

Trade Essentials Marketing Manager, Theresa Weymouth, says Fireguard panels are made by combining timber fibres with a resin binder under extreme heat and pressure. “Fireguard is stronger and denser than plywood or particleboard. It delivers optimum fire protection and is ideal for elevator linings, public corridors, school and hospital furnishings, and office partitions.”

Available in Standard Red or Black, Fireguard panels are easy to work with and can be sawn and routed. Panels are available as 2400mm x 1200mm sheets with the Standard Red available as 12mm, 16mm and 18mm, and the Black panels in 16mm and 18mm.

Along with providing the highest fire protection, Fireguard has Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) credentials and low formaldehyde emissions meeting the Australian and New Zealand Standard as a Formaldehyde Emission Class E1 product (≤ 1.0mg/L).

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