New portable jump-start kit from Uniden

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Designed as a must-have travel companion, Uniden’s compact jump-start kit (UPP120) enables users to self-sufficiently recharge a flat car battery, power up a variety of devices and also adjust tyre pressure.

A 12-volt portable battery pack and a set of jump cables allow users to supercharge a flat battery when required. With a lifecycle of 1000 discharges, the battery pack offers a reliable way of staying powered while on the road. Users need to connect the jumper cables to the battery terminal and the battery pack before switching on the vehicle’s ignition.

In addition, motorists can inflate their own tyres while on the road with the help of a compact air pump with pressure gauge and an in-built air hose. For greater convenience, the air pump also has a sports ball needle that can also be used to inflate sports accessories such as footballs and basketballs.

The kit also has a 2-1 mini USB/micro USB cable making it an effective and powerful solution for charging mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. A powerful LED flashlight offers users greater visibility in low light situations. In addition, the compact size makes the Jump Start Kit ideal for storage underneath passenger seats or in the boot of a vehicle.

Key features of the UPP120 kit include:

  • 12 volt battery pack with a lifecycle of 1000 discharges
  • One pair of jump cables – 400 ampere peak current
  • Compact air pump with pressure gauge, in-built air hose, sports ball needle, and a car and bike valve connector
  • 2-1 mini USB/micro USB charging cable for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets
  • LED flashlight
  • One year warranty

It will be available from leading specialist electrical retailers from mid-April 2015.

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