New resources on cooling strategies for data centres

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A range of new resources are available from Schneider Electric Data Centre Science Centre to data centre managers considering free cooling strategies to reduce data centre energy costs and PUE.

In certain locations and climatic conditions, some cooling systems can save over 70 percent in annual cooling energy costs by operating in economiser mode, corresponding to over 15 percent reduction in annualised PUE. However, data centre designers and managers can face a difficult decision when choosing between numerous cooling architectures on offer.
The Schneider Electric Cooling Economiser Mode PUE Calculator is a free online tool that helps quantify free cooling strategy decisions, and illustrates which architecture(s) have the optimal PUE, energy cost, and carbon emissions for a given data centre location and IT operating environment.
The calculator compares seven common cooling architecture and demonstrates their expected annual PUE, energy cost and carbon emissions. The cooling types compared include chilled water, glycol-cooled, air-cooled and baseline (no economiser) systems.
The tool includes a model for a typical data centre and, therefore, actual data centres could vary greatly due to the efficiency and size of the actual power and cooling devices in use. The primary value of the tool is to provide the user with an evaluation of how the various architectures perform relative to one other for a defined location and configuration.
Other free downloads available to data centre managers who are considering free cooling strategies include White Paper 132 Economizer Modes of Data Center Cooling Systems and White Paper 136 High Efficiency Economizer-based Cooling Modules for Large Data Centers.

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