New solar shaftless skylight system from Kimberley

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Australian Hardware solutions provider Kimberley has launched a new range of ‘smart skylight’ that operates and installs without the need of a light shaft, flexible tube or a large roof cavity – the iIllume skylight. It has been designed as a DIY system with easy internal and external installation on all roofs and ceilings types.

The new shaftless ambient light system allows builders and DIY home improvers to introduce a natural light effect into any space, even multi level buildings.

The illume skylight system comes in a range of sizes and configurations including windows, skylights and manholes. It can be used in locations where traditional natural light conduits cannot be fitted.

Using ambient technology, illume is designed to convert the sun’s energy to light and auto-adjust brightness levels to match external conditions thereby creating a harmony between indoor and outdoor lighting.

It recently won the Most Innovative Product Award at the Danks National Trade Show and Conference in Cairns.

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