New South Wales’ first environmental upgrade agreement

by FM Media
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The first environmental upgrade agreement in New South Wales has been announced.

Australian Unity, owner of 10 Valentine St, Parramatta, will be the first in New South Wales to undertake an environmental upgrade agreement (EUA) for a $800,000 lighting project with the tenant, State Property Authority, to deliver major energy savings while improving the value of the building.
News of this Parramatta project is a welcome boost for other local councils in New South Wales who are planning to implement EUAs and building owners considering upgrades who wish to access EUAs, Meg McDonald, Low Carbon Australia CEO, states. It follows several EUA projects that have been carried out in Melbourne.
The framework for implementation the of EUAs; which involve an agreement between building owner, financier and the local council to upgrade existing non-residential buildings; has been developed by the New South Wales Government Office of Environment and Heritage to facilitate its wider adoption across the state.

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