New technology brings museum exhibition to life

by FM Media
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St Mary MacKillop’s pioneering work has been brought to life at Mary MacKillop Place Museum in North Sydney following the installation of a table-sized multi-touch screen.

Mary MacKillop Place Museum in North Sydney’s new gallery is using one of Australia’s first installations of the next generation Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface – a table-sized multi-touch screen described as one of the best technology innovations for 2012 – to bring St Mary MacKillop’s pioneering work to life.
Developed by Object Consulting, the Object Connected Experience application allows visitors to embark on a journey of exploration and learning. Displays are content-rich and can be opened, closed and moved around to track St Mary MacKillop’s educational work, while providing an understanding of the broader social context of the mid- to late-19th century Australia.
The SUR40 has the capacity to ‘see and respond to’ tagged objects placed on it; for instance, a yellowed envelope calls up St Mary MacKillop’s correspondence, an old inkwell triggers information connecting the visitor to 19th century learning tools and, through the use of natural gestures, visitors can ‘virtually’ excavate the site of Mary MacKillop and Father Julian’s first school.
Designed for museums, libraries, galleries and exhibition centres, Object Connected Experience helps creative teams build content-rich, immersive exhibit installations. Displays can be changed on a regular basis with minimal outside help, solving the challenges posed in areas where exhibition space is relatively limited. Exhibitions’ content can also be easily tailored to the specific interests and ages of visiting groups.

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