New video analysis tools

by FM Media
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Suitable for process optimisation or marketing purposes, this camera includes an integrated video analysis tool.

The Mobotix Q24M-Sec hemispheric camera, which can capture an entire room with no blind spots, now includes an integrated Mx Analytics video analysis tool. Suitable for process optimisation or marketing purposes, Mx Analytics can be used in small retail stores and public buildings to receive important information.
Mx Analytics makes it possible to capture and evaluate the movement of people or objects in the live image. The most frequented areas are highlighted in colour on a heat map in a predefined area. It also uses counting lines to count people and objects, and generate observation data.
Video analysis takes place decentralised in the camera, without network load. This reduces total costs and maintains the system’s high performance. The results of the video motion analysis can be saved as daily, weekly or monthly reports in a table and exported via various interfaces. The reports are automatically collected in the camera and can be easily accessed or sent at any time.

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