New white paper explores retrofitting payment mechanisms to PPPs

by FM Media
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Service Works Group has produced a white paper examining how retrofitting a payment mechanism to a PPP contract can improve trust among stakeholders, enhance operational practice and secure value for money.

Many public-private partnership (PPP) clients and service providers are reviewing the payment mechanism built into their contracts and considering retrofitting new mechanisms to improve operational performance. Service Works Group has published a white paper that explains how retrofitting a PPP contract offers an opportunity to use technology to:

  • identify and address problems in the existing operation of the contract
  • review and clean existing data
  • create efficiencies in maintenance and service provision
  • breathe new life into the contract
  • review and consolidate energy consumption and practices, and
  • review and apply more rigorous financial auditing.

Implementing an integrated payment mechanism, with support from an experienced software partner, can secure the long-term efficacy and transform a PPP contract, according to Service Works Group. The white paper sets out the case for an integrated payment mechanism, the benefits of using specialist software and investigates best practice in the management of the retrofitting process.
To receive a complimentary copy of the white paper, entitled Retrofitting Payment Mechanisms & Delivering PPP Contract Value, contact Service Works Group.

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