New white paper on PPP risk management and mitigation

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A new white paper on risk management and mitigation in public private partnerships has been published.

A new white paper from Service Works Group examines the risks inherent in public private partnerships (PPPs) and the ways in which these can be managed. PPPs – understanding and managing risk covers each stage of a PPP from construction, through completion to operations, including both hard and soft facilities management.
In addition, the white paper sets out how PPP risks can be transferred or mitigated and explains how the changing funding climate has affected risk and led to new financing models being adopted in markets such as Australia and Canada.
PPPs – understanding and managing risk concludes that contractual clarity and transparent performance management are at the heart of managing PPP risks. In the white paper it is noted that the performance management framework needs to be supported by a sophisticated information infrastructure, providing the public authority with a transparent view of the quality of service delivery and an audit trail. The document also notes that risk management in the operational phase requires performance management software, with an integrated payment mechanism, to deliver trusted and transparent data management, to ensure issues are resolved quickly and to encourage effective PPP relationships.
For a copy of PPPs – understanding and managing risk email with your contact details.

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