Aqueous releases most compact model yet

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Aqueous 6Lt

Aus J Hot Water Solutions has released the Aqueous MK2 six-litre water heater, its smallest model to date.

The heater is designed to provide domestic, commercial, hospitality, food and beverage and other industries with near-instant hot water, saving time, energy and water.

“With the average mains supply tap spitting out 10 to 15 litres of water a minute, it doesn’t take long to become a water waster,” says a product release. “And if you are running cold water down the sink while waiting for the hot water to come down the pipe, it is not only wasteful but frustrating.”

Managing director Jay King says the problem is growing. “As many premises get larger… Now the water often has to run a lot further than before from the main water heater before it comes out hot at the tap.”

With dimensions of 305 by 305 by 304 millimetres, the unit is designed to sit snugly in cupboards near the tap or under the floor beneath them. It can also be used in portable catering vehicles and boats where space is precious.

Aqueous six-litre and 10-litre models are available in 240v and 12v versions.

“A lot of householders and businesses don’t need more than six litres readily at hand – they may have all these smaller hot water jobs for which they need a few litres, but have to standing there drumming their fingers until the hot comes through,” says King. “This size is good for recurring washing up and cleaning tasks, for example. Whereas if you need water for a couple of showers then you may be better with the 10-litre model, which will do that quantity. But, if space is at a premium, the Aqueous six-litre is ideal.”

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