Beca launches FACILITYtwin for plant management, operation and design

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Beca has announced FACILITYtwin, a new software product designed to rethink how the operators of asset-intensive facilities interact with, manage and design their facilities.

The productivity tool contextualises asset performance and maintenance data in a user-centric and easy-to-use mobile interface and can also be used during the design process as a novel collaboration environment for project stakeholders.

“Unlike other products in the market, FACILITYtwin offers exciting new visualisation aspects of a digital twin, helping clients relate asset data to precise plant locations, transforming the user experience for operators of asset-intensive facilities,” says Dr Gary Hanniffy, business director at Beca.

“Beca has developed FACILITYtwin’s features around the user and their activities, as opposed to traditional asset management platforms. What our clients want is a simple way to access key information and to understand how it relates to their vast and complex infrastructure,” he adds. “We know that getting the right information in front of the right people at the right time is critical to efficiency and productivity, and this is essentially what FACILITYtwin does.

“The timing for FACILITYtwin couldn’t be better. There’s nothing like forced isolation to highlight the value of having access to a virtual plant, allowing people to inform, collaborate and make decisions without the need for anyone visit the plant floor.”

In addition to FACILITYtwin’s ability to be adopted for operation and maintenance of existing facilities, it can also be used as a powerful collaboration platform in the design, construction and commissioning of capital projects. This delivers major time and cost savings and, importantly, it helps developers achieve a digital facility that supports a variety of operational objectives.

FACILITYtwin also dramatically shortens the time-frame and costs associated with the notoriously laborious process of the physical handing over of a plant. It does this by acting as a conduit for accelerated transfer of relevant data from design to maintenance systems.

Stephen Witherden, Beca’s digital product strategy manager, says Beca brings together the industry nous, technical expertise and vision needed to transform the way businesses operate. “FACILITYtwin adopts a platform-agnostic, best-of-breed approach to produce a product that brings the best of Beca to life, distilling our 100 years’ experience in facility engineering into a unique, easy to use digital solution,” he says.

“We are also pleased to announce that Microsoft recognises Beca as an Independent Software Vendor, celebrating many years of deep collaboration between our respective organisations and the innovative software products our team have developed and host on the Azure Platform. FACILITYtwin is among the products to be showcased on Microsoft’s storefront.

“In the year Beca celebrates its centenary, FACILITYtwin combines our rich engineering and technology heritage to create beautiful data visualisation and an exceptional user experience to bring your facility to life,” concludes Witherden.

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