Boon Edam introduces entrance solutions to help facilities safeguard against COVID-19

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Boon Edam has announced entrance solutions that integrate with digital readers and access control systems to read QR codes and vaccination records.

The technology will help residential aged care, public and private hospitals, and health facilities safeguard against future infections and spread. The range includes revolving and sliding door entrance combinations, and the entrance solutions can also be integrated in lifts through an international partnership with Schneider Group.

Touchless biometric technologies, including facial recognition, fingerprint recognition and others, can be included in areas needing the greatest access control, “but with technology that is incorporated into discreet and unobtrusive formats,” says Boon Edam Australia managing director Michael Fisher.

The Aged and Community Services Australia has called for mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for people visiting nursing homes. It is working with consumer groups and other provider organisations on a revised visitor code for visitation to residential aged care.

“Such calls are part of a worldwide movement toward medical facility access controls that the global Boon Edam organisation is experiencing not only from aged care, but also for hospitals, medical centres and any facility where a duty of care extends to staff, patients and visitors,” Fisher continues.

Fisher says access control can’t just be a reception desk responsibility and the new product range aims to help streamline the process and reduce the possibility of confrontations where people may take exception to being asked to consider the health of others by producing evidence of vaccination.

“Our experience in some of the major healthcare facilities in 27 countries tells us that the ideal approach will be a layered approach to security, with minimally intrusive pass card systems in some areas ranging up to retinal recognition and high-security revolving door systems in other professional areas,” he says.


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