Boon Edam launches tall glass version of Speedlane Compact

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Speedlane Compact Tall

The solution is designed to provide extra jump-over protection.

The tall glass option is designed to integrate seamlessly in smaller, architecturally designed spaces.

The Speedlane Compact Series, which also comes in a low glass option, is one of the smallest speedstiles on the market, each cabinet measuring 1200 millimetres long by 990 millimetres high by 150 millimetres wide.

The cabinets allow for integration with many types of technology and access control, including biometrics and facial recognition. Third-party integration is simple and collaborative technology is even more accessible.

Key features include:

  • intuitive user guidance
  • tailgating, safety and object detection sensor sets as standard
  • easy installation
  • premium quality materials
  • smooth, swing motion glass barriers
  • short V-shaped cabinet with ergonomic design and small footprint
  • flexible lane configurations (including a wide lane for disabled access), and
  • universally understood and proven display symbols.

“In many modern buildings,” says Boon Edam Australia business development manager Darren Assey, “simply putting a security entrance at the front doesn’t meet the complex needs of multi-tenanted buildings or facilities where some parts contain valuable data.

“The Speedlane Compact uses advanced algorithms to detect tailgating, piggybacking and other forms of misuse. The sensors also detect objects – people carrying briefcases and trollies through the speed gate. They are recognised as such and the product’s behaviour adapts accordingly.”

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